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Thursday, July 13, 2006


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My Tips on Cheap Decorating

There are many wonderful finds for just a little money that you can find around you. For example, if you check your local Craigslist, you can find very inexpensive old lamps that have very cool base and incredibly ugly shades. Go for a base! Find the one you like and that fits your interior, you can buy a new shade just for $5-10! A little bit of search, bargaining, imagination and you end up with the only kind of lamp that is really unique.
Another tip for those who like throw pillows. Lots of stores selling linen and draperies deeply discount some curtains when there is only one panel left. Go for those! One panel may not be enough to cover a window, but it gives you plenty of beautiful cheap fabric to do the throw pillows.

Here are Some Decorating Gift Ideas...

A decorative urn or olive jar. These vessels are really popular right now -- probably because they are so versatile. They can hold an arrangement of tree branches or pussy willow, sit on a fireplace mantel or hearth, or even hold umbrellas when placed near the front door. A design-savvy friend will have no trouble finding even more great uses.
Unique throw pillows. Everyone can use throw pillows to liven up the look of a living room, family room, or bedroom. Look for pillows with interesting patterns or soft fabrics like velvet and silk.
CD/DVD storage boxes or books. Know someone who loves movies and music but hasn't gotten a handle on storing his collection? Those unsightly plastic music and movie cases scream "college dorm" and should be banished. In their place: Neat, attractive-looking storage boxes or books in luxe materials like leather and suede with sleeves for holding a selection of discs.
A cashmere or chenille throw. This is a luxurious gift you can't help but love. A super soft throw can add a dash of color when draped over the arm of a chair or sofa, and it can warm up the recipient as she relaxes on the couch on a cold winter evening.

Tired of Your Old Fire Place? Change It!

For Your Living Room

Create an African safari style living room by splashing yellow color on the walls with contrasting light white curtains. Display your favorite masks and bring in some animal prints adding a few throw pillows on the couches.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Choose the Colors and Themes That Best Express Your Style

Whether you're decorating a single room or a whole house, a cottage or a castle, you'll find our guides to decorating styles helpful. The style guides will help you focus in on your likes and dislikes and learn elements that will help you achieve your dream room or make your home express your very unique taste.
With so many products on the market, buyers traveling around the globe, and shoppers expecting more for their homes, consumers have an infinite array of products, finishes, colors, decorative elements, and prices available. The sky's the limit and there's really no reason for anyone to be stuck with a home decorating scheme that doesn't capture their own unique style and interests.
If you haven't yet identified your particular style or if you're uncertain about how to proceed, you'll learn a lot from the articles and style guides listed here.
Take a look at traditional styles and see some of the newest decorating trends. You'll find that nothing is really new, but it's fun to see how old favorite themes, fabrics, and details adapt to a fresh new look.
The following Style Guides offer information on one design style. See photos and read tips that focus on the elements and design features that give each style an individual and very distinctive look.
Find the style that will help to give your home yourdistinctive look.

Tips for Flea Markets, Tag Sales, and Swap Meets

Savvy shopping means getting the most for your money. Sometimes that means paying full price for something that is just right.
Other times it is searching for sales or bargains. And sometimes it means getting creative by shopping in non-traditional places such as used furniture stores, consignment stores, flea markets, antique shows, country fairs, and auctions.
It seems like everyone is talking about it.
And although stopping at off-price sales may lead to fabulous finds, sometimes successfully shopping these alternative sources calls for a certain amount of planning and preparation.
Here's what you'll want to know before venturing out to shop.
What to Take with You:
Maps and Directions
A Large Tote Bag
Cash, Checkbook
Your Wish List
Pencil, Paper
Tape Measure
Measured Floorplan
Room Photos
Set of Swatches
Cell Phone
Rolling Cart
Shopping Bags, Tissue
Maps, Directions, Phone numbers, and Hours
Assemble the information on your stops. Call ahead to get tips on parking, admission fees (if any), hours, and availability of food and drinks. Take a water bottle, especially on a hot day.
Information and Measurements
Shop with a list. Take a measured floorplan of your space so you can check the size of your entryway and your dining room alcove if you are looking for pieces to fit there. Measure your floor areas ahead of time if you'll be looking for rugs. Even take a set of room photos to remind yourself of other items and colors in your rooms. Also, bring a set of swatches (fabric, carpet, paint chips, tile) if you hope to match particular colors.
Prepare yourself
Wear confortable clothing and shoes. Consider clothing with lots of pockets (for sunglasses, lipbalm, pens, maps, etc.) Take a light jacket, hat, umbrella, sunscreen, or whatever will help you be confortable. Take a shoulder tote so your hands are free. Pare down your wallet to the bare necessities -- no need for your airline or library cards today.
Travel with a small tape measure, pencil, and notepad. Take a cell phone to keep in contact with others about your schedule or about items you see that someone else may be looking for. Dedicated shoppers will want to read these detailed shopping tips and tool list.
Packing Materials
Bring a selection of packing materials perhaps including old blankets, tarps, tissue paper, bubble wrap, boxes, tape, rope, and twine (and a knife). These things can help you get your purchases home in good condition.

Some Ideas for Summer

Try sewing a simple slipcover for the back or seat of your kitchen or dining room side chairs. The look will soften an all-wood chair and freshen the look of an upholstered seat.
Add fresh flowers and plants to your guest room or bedroom. Enjoy colorful, cheery, summery new flowered bed linens.
Nothing brightens up a room like white. Add it wherever you can. How about frothy, light curtains, fresh white trims, or a painted chair or table
Lighten up drab bookshelves. Paint the back wall (and even the side walls) with a bright, summery color. The books will really "pop out" against the contrasting color. How about lime green in dark wood shelves or sky blue on yellow. Choose a color that complements your rooms decorating scheme.
Frame some simple botanical prints or landscapes and set them up on a bookshelf, bureau, or table top. Or hang a series of summery flower pictures down a dark hallway.
Use simple plate holders to hold pretty floral plates. Set them on a table or buffet.
Layer sheer, frothy fabrics on tables, over a shower curtain, as a second layer on a bedskirts, and even make a sheer pillow cover for a dark pillow Add a touch of whimsey with embroidered sheer fabric.
Choose a summer theme, either fruits, flowers, insects, or nautical, and decorate around it. It makes the transformation easier if you have focus.

Where to Find the Right Things for the Decorating Project

How many times have you been ready to tackle a decorating project, only to realize that you have big ambitions and a little money to spend. Well, I've been there and I know how frustrating it is. I try to find my sources of "inspiration" and the first one I can think of is the Craigslist. I can tell that it is a great source for the rare finds - furniture, fabrics, decorating items, collectibles - you name it. All this you can find locally and still have money to splurge on a few items that you want to have brand new. Another source for great nick-naks as well as a middle-size, low-price items are places like TJ Max, Marshall, and Ross. Don't underestimate those. They can offer you a great collection of towels, linens, etc. for a very reasonable price. I always try to think that if there is a wish, there is a way. It takes time to find just the "right things", but once you do, you're rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment.